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How do we make an impact?

Reaching Care is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to activating and increasing voter turnout in marginalized communities. Our organization believes that every individual should have a say in the decisions that affect their lives and communities, and we strive to empower those who have been historically underrepresented in the voting process.

One of the ways we achieve this is through targeted outreach efforts in marginalized communities. We work to identify individuals who are unregistered to vote and make the process of registering seamless and easy for them. We believe that by removing barriers to voter registration, we can increase the number of voices being heard in our democratic process.

Once individuals are registered to vote, our organization focuses on increasing voter turnout. We use the power of peer-to-peer texting and calling to get critical voting information to low-information communities that need it the most. By providing accurate and timely information, we aim to increase voter education and participation in elections.

In addition to activating and increasing voter turnout, our organization also advocates for progressive values and policies. We believe that access to healthcare and a strong democracy are fundamental rights and we work to build progressive power to defend these rights. Our supporters advocate for their core beliefs and work to create lasting change in their communities and beyond.

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